Thursday, July 2, 2009

Huh. This thing still exists.

I haven't posted an update since April. I've kind of not really felt like it much. Well. There have been multiple occasions where I did want to write out everything I was feeling, but instead just sucked it back in and cried. I'm not even sure what to write about here anymore; I feel rather self-conscious talking about me, and I'm not interesting enough to talk about things I do, since I don't do anything. Hmm...I'll have to think of something, I suppose. We'll see.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Oh hell yes!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Another attempt

It seems all I'm doing lately is going to the gym and playing with makeup. Neither of which are bad things, but still makes me kind of boring. I'm kinda peeved that I could've had plans for today, but I declined because I thought I had OTHER plans, but now I don't and the first person that asked me to hang out isn't responding to texts. Boourns. Ah well. Sitting around won't kill me. However, I'm sad that I don't get to make use of my totally awesome makeup for today:

Hoorah for getting slowly better! Boo for it going to waste. I demand someone take me out dancing.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


So today's been...oddly good. I didn't get much sleep, though, and woke up with crazy amounts of anxiety about going to the gym with Jess. She got a membership earlier in the week and asked if I wanted to, too, and so I did because I'd mentioned that we should to her before. (How 'bout THAT run-on?) So I got up, tried not to vomit, and headed with her to Wal-Mart to get some gym clothes for me and a few things for Emily.

The gym wasn't bad at all. I thought the trainer would be some big angry screamy guy, but we got this teeny happy blonde girl who can't be much older than us, though I suspect she's younger. After weighing and measurements, we hit the bikes for half an hour and then did crunch stuff. I did NOT do well on them. I'm amazingly out of shape to the point where it was almost embarrassing. But she was so nice about it, I didn't really feel bad.

We got Subway for lunch and then I came home and played with my new makeup. After sitting around for a while, I went to the store and got some other makeup necessities/supplies, and the guy that rang me up informed me that I didn't need all that junk. It made me feel really good. He was checking out my shirt because I was wearing an AFI shirt that somehow migrated from Jess' wardrobe to mine many years ago, and he was like, "Is that My Chemical Romance? Because I'd have to laugh at you." It was amusing.

I dunno what it is. Maybe working out put me in a less sucktastic mood? I haven't updated here in a while because I've been in a super-funk, but today was rather nice. Oh, and! The scale at the gym made me feel even better because it displayed the weight I always thought I was, whereas at the doc's, I was 40 fucking pounds heavier! Hooray gym!

Speaking of makeup, I'm going through Lauren Luke's videos on YouTube and trying out her tutorials, and this is how it came out today:

I remember now how much I love liquid liner. Oh, also, I bought some red lipstick. red. Daniela and I talked about it a while ago and I remembered while I was at Rite Aid so I picked up a little tube of N.Y.C. It...well, I'm not used to my lips being so bright, so I'm not sure what I think. But maybe when I find a place to go, I'll wear it and post a pic for other people's opinions.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Divorce Day

It's weird how many people respond to, "Oh, my divorce was finalized today!" with, "Congratulations!" Funny, though. Lauren and I were wearing tiaras yesterday that we bought from Claire's:

Her divorce was dunzo yesterday and thus we headed down to Tunica to gamble and drink. But first, we wandered the mall, and ate at Shogun because Shogun is AMAZING. Aaaanyway. Her friend Shea met us at Sam's Town, and we proceeded to drink the night away. Lauren flirted majorly with a security guard named Jacques (although, she called him Joaquin...) and he got her number from Shea. Shea won like 100 bucks, but then kept hitting the button and thus only came out with about 50. I, however, lost 20. Ah well. It was a fun night, and there's too many pictures to post here but here's one of us in the room once we got bored with gambling and wandering aimlessly:

The other pictures are on Flickr, if you want to see our drunken debauchery. Sadly, we couldn't get a picture of Jacques and Lauren because they don't allow it. Boooo.

We got up kinda early and headed back to Memphis, ate at Logan's for lunch, then stopped by our old high school, Overton. It's...different. Security is WAY heightened, and they now have TWO cops roaming. And neither of them is Cop Peters. We immediately went to Ms. Covington and she was so glad to see us. I told her I wanted to write for a living and she laughed. Not because I suck, but because of the market. I felt special because she told me she remembered that I was a fantastic writer.

After us complaining for like half and hour about the economy, we wandered off to find others and came across Mr. Smith, the math teacher. He remembered us but had trouble remembering how to pronounce my name. He did, of course, immediately remember the name of my best friend back then whom we all kinda figured he had a thing for. He seemed really tired and not so thrilled to be there. Both of them, actually, were planning to run the hell away when things in the economy get more stable. All our other old teachers had already run away. Go Memphis City Schools.

Long story short, it was a great outing, and I met a cool person and had lots of fun distracting Lauren from what would otherwise be kind of a depressing day. I'm such a great friend, hehe.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The shoes I was obsessing over on Facebook have arrived! And yes, I'm wearing them around my apartment. Don't judge me.

P.S. Let's all be proud that I'm wearing pants!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

This really is why I'm fat

We made mini pizza burgers last night. You know...a smaller version of this. Yeah. And they were tasty as shit, too. See?

No one remembered to take a picture of the nicer-looking ones, but this is Michael's mess, and it was tasty. As expected, it just tasted like a normal bacon cheeseburger on a toasted bun. Not something you should make everyday, obviously, but definitely a nice random treat. Next up to recreate? The pizza cone.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Guess who's unobservant?

Jess: They's sendin my husband home
Me: por que?
Jess: snows
Me: ...what snows?
Me: oh shit son
Me: hahahahaha
Me: I hadn't looked out the window lately
Jess: Fails

I'd go outside to get pictures but, uh. It's really effing cold. Maybe if there's more snow tomorrow.

Friday, February 20, 2009